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Corner House DIY Tutorial

Welcome to the Corner House DIY Tutorial! You may have seen me use this house in a few Monthly Cage Makeovers, and now I’m going to be showing you step by step how to create it for your own small pets!

To create this house you’ll need:

  • Thin cardboard
  • A hot glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Dark marker
  • Crafting knife
  • Drawing compass or circular template
  • First cut a rectangle of cardboard measuring 12 inches by 4 inches. Draw a circle for a doorway a suitable size for your pet (2-3 inches in diameter).
  • Cut out two more rectangles measuring 9 inches by 4 inches.
  • Now hot glue the 3 pieces into a triangle as shown above.
  • Put the glued triangle over a piece of cardboard and trace the exterior of the walls.
  • Cut out the traced triangle. This is the roof.
  • Glue the roof onto the house, and this DIY is complete!

If you’re interested in more hamster-related content be sure to like this post and follow the blog, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with more small pet care, DIYs, recipes, cage setups, stories and more, have a ham-tastic day!


Published by Laura Grace

An artsy pet-enthusiast.

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