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Greasy Roborovski Fur?

Ahh yes. Roborovskis. Those little eyebrowed wonders. Many people own Roborovskis, and it’s understandable why: they’re very cute. What’s not cute, however, is when they look wet or greasy. This is quite common, and today, we’ll dive right in with reasons your Robo might look this way, then move on to how you can helpContinue reading “Greasy Roborovski Fur?”

Sand Baths For Hamsters

Today we’ll be discussing everything there is to know about using sand baths for hamsters. I’ll be sharing my experience and answering some commonly asked questions, and linking some sources at the end. Do hamsters need sand baths? Will any old sand do? How big (or small) does a sand bath need to be? These questions and more will be answered throughout this post. Let’s dive right into it.

Flying Saucer Wheels

Flying saucers are a very common wheel used for small pets, but are they really okay to use? Are they superior to traditional wheels, or should they be avoided at all cost?
Today we’ll be looking through the pros and cons of using flying saucer wheels for hamsters, as well as my personal experience, and linking some input from other people who’ve used this wheel for their pets at the end.

Pairing Hamsters

This is yet another controversial topic that deserves more recognition: should hamsters live in groups? Is this an enriching lifestyle that will result in multiple happy hamsters, or a strained relationship of two anti-social animals being forced to coexist together?

Stew’s August 2021 Cage Makeover

Welcome to the August cage makeover! This post is a followup from my last two about selecting safe and enriching hamster toys and accessories. Today I’ll be demonstrating the principles mentioned in those posts, which are linked at the end for those interested.

Tips For Selecting Enriching Toys For Your Hamster

Last week I talked about how to select safe toys for your hamster. I then realized that hamsters would be living very boring lives in such safe enclosures, so this week we’ll be discussing how to select enriching toys and accessories for your hamster(s)!