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Stew’s August 2021 Cage Makeover

Welcome to the August cage makeover! This post is a followup from my last two about selecting safe and enriching hamster toys and accessories. Today I’ll be demonstrating the principles mentioned in those posts, which are linked at the end for those interested.

Budget-Friendly Cleaning and Tidying Supplies and Tips

Cleaning and tidying is a big part of hamster owning. Some people, such as myself, love it, and some… not so much. Whether you’re a neat freak or a cleaning procrastinator, these budget-friendly supplies and tips should make the cleaning and tidying process more efficient.

The October Cage Makeover (2020)

Welcome to the October Cage Makeover of 2020! As shown above, Beanie‘s cage is dwindling from interest, and definitely needs a clean and makeover.

In her current setup she has some toys, such as her wheel, duck basket, hide’n’climbing toy, bendy bridge, chew block, a little tin bucket, basket hut, luxury house, foraging toy, rock, and water bowl.

I will have the bold items in this setup and the new setup linked at the end of this post, if you’re interested in recreating or learning about them 🙂

The September Cage Makeover (2020)

Welcome to the September 2020 Cage Makeover! As usual, after a month Beanie’s last makeover is dwindling, and it’s in need of a clean. I hope this post interests you and that it inspires you for setting up your own hammy’s cage!

How To Sanitize Hamster Toys

Hamsters, and other small pets, can get their toys pretty dirty. Your hamster’s toys should be getting cleaned after they’re switched out of the cage for different toys, or on a monthly basis. There are two categories of toys; the plastic toys and the natural toys. They have different cleaning methods, and here I’ll explainContinue reading “How To Sanitize Hamster Toys”

Operation Drawer

I think we can all agree that after a few weeks obviously the designated ‘Small Pet Supplies Drawer’ is going to look something like this. A drawer isn’t a lot of space to store all of your pet’s things, but it is possible to keep it nice for longer if it’s organized properly. First theContinue reading “Operation Drawer”