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Flying Saucer Wheels

Flying saucers are a very common wheel used for small pets, but are they really okay to use? Are they superior to traditional wheels, or should they be avoided at all cost?
Today we’ll be looking through the pros and cons of using flying saucer wheels for hamsters, as well as my personal experience, and linking some input from other people who’ve used this wheel for their pets at the end.

Pet Sitters

Welcome to this week’s post, where we’ll be discussing pet sitters! Do you actually need one? How do you select a sitter? How do you prepare for a pet sitter? What do they need to do in your absence (1-14+ day absences)? These questions and more discussed in this post.

Stop Giving Pets As Presents

It’s the holiday season: the time of giving and receiving presents from family and friends. Animals are often given as presents, but really shouldn’t ever be considered a surprise gift. Today I’m going to explain why and offer some alternatives to giving an animal as a present!

For Those Considering Getting A Hamster

Hamsters make awesome pets for most people, and there are plenty of reasons to get one as a companion. However, not all people are going to make good hamster owners. In this post, we’re going to talk about if you would be a good hamster owner, or if you should consider a different pet.

Things I Use For Beanie That Are Not Made For Hamsters

Hamsters are very hardy little animals, and using things that aren’t intended for them usually doesn’t do any harm. Products like these can be really cheap alternatives and are usually way better quality! Here are my top 5 things I use for Beanie that aren’t made for hamsters.

Caring for a Senior Syrian Hamster

Just like with humans, hamsters show signs of aging, and may need some changes made in their lifestyle to make them more comfortable. I am going to share my research and experience with caring for my senior Syrian hamster, Beanie.

How To Sanitize Hamster Toys

Hamsters, and other small pets, can get their toys pretty dirty. Your hamster’s toys should be getting cleaned after they’re switched out of the cage for different toys, or on a monthly basis. There are two categories of toys; the plastic toys and the natural toys. They have different cleaning methods, and here I’ll explainContinue reading “How To Sanitize Hamster Toys”